Canterbury Rogaine Series

My final project was making a website for a friend who organises rogaines and adventure racing events. This site is live at The Canterbury Rogaine site provides information for coming events, an online entry system for these events, and results/reports from the events when they have completed.

The main challenge in this site has been implementing the entry system, as each event has different courses, grades, and entry fee structures. Additionally, adding in support for adventure races meant that fees would then be per team rather than per person but rogaines were still charged per person. The entry system is a constantly evolving project.

Additionally the CMS/admin side of the website allows the administrator to configure details for a new event, upload results files once events are finished, add event reports and edit the text found on the home page. I am also planning to make some of the other pages have editable sections (for example, the About Us page, allowing the administrator to update content as appropriate). The entries for each event are also editable. If the same name and email address is used again to enter a 2nd event the database will recognise this and use the same person rather than adding a new database entry.

Below is the original table structure for the Canterbury Rogaine Series database. It has since evolved slightly to account for new features required:

Initial table structue for the Canterbury Rogaine Series database

The site is built using ASP.NET web forms. As with my Real Estate ASP.NET assignment, I found the built-in data source controls limiting so mostly used the code-behind pages get the site to do what was required. It also helped my knowledge of using C#.