Architecting Happiness UX Conference 2015

At the end of February I flew to Wellington to attend the Architecting Happiness UX Conference for World IA Day 2015. Having travelled up by myself and not knowning anyone else attending I was a bit nervous but once it started I was hooked!

There were 9 speakers throughout the day all talking about the idea of Architecting Happiness in relation to the user experience and although they were all talking about the same topic they came at it from so many different angles.

There was everything from Jesse James Garrett taking us through the emotional rollercoaster of UX and its broader reaches (now very keen to see the documentary Visions of Light about the art of cinematography, as well as to read 'The Elements of User Experience'), to Trent Mankelow from Trade Me taking us through some of the steps for actually creating a happy user experience (as well as some things that aren't so happy!). I came out super inspired to start creating some awesome work!

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